Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Maternity Outfits #3 - The Dress Edition

I love dresses! To me they are one of the easiest garments to wear and you instantly look put together. It's essentially a onsie, so there's no effort required in terms of mixing and matching fits and colours. Perfect for those lazy days because all you have to do is pick one item and you're good to go.

Apart from the fact that they are versatile, feminine, pretty and unlikely to go out of style, if that's the kind of thing you subscribe to, dresses also happen to be one of the most convenient and comfortable things to wear when you're pregnant. Depending on the style you choose they provide much needed ventilation to stay cool if you're uncunning enough to have your third trimester of pregnancy coincide with the peak of summer 👀. Here are a few of my faves:
The yellow tiered frock
Another yellow frock. This dress is at lease 7 years old; I was so glad to re-discover it. That umpire waist makes it perfect for my current condition.
This is one of my creations!! I was instantly drawn to this colourful fabric when I saw it.
A white frock.
Army green dress.
Black maxi dress - another re-discovery and it's so comfortable.
Yet another yellow frock.
One of my recent creations - red dress.

Yimina ozithobayo,


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